Keeping medical professionals and patients safe by offering quality protective gear

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About us

We keep medical professionals and patients safe by offering quality protective gear.

Our Mission

We provide the best face masks, respirators, N95, hand sanitizer, PPE, wipes, and more. For a full stock of the best quality gloves, masks, and other protective gear in any size, connect with Trillium Health Global.

We know there is nothing more important than the health of your team, family, loved ones, colleagues, and yourself. Take every precaution necessary to shield yourself with our full selection of protective gear.

Our selection includes child's sizes, adult sizes, and extra-large sizes in various protective levels for the best quality experience.

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Distributors All Over the World

Our team has more than 200 years of combined experience. Overall, we work with 36 authorized distributors across the globe. Our far-reaching scope means that our clients benefit as we can provide hard to find products or sizes because of our long-standing relationships with our partners.

Be part of the Trillium family! We have served nearly 6,000 happy clients, and that number is rapidly growing as we add more products to our inventory.

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